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Farm Hand | Farmhouse Ale

Light body, mildly sweet, slight cloudiness and rustic farmhouse tartness. Nuances in this beer make it great for an entry into the category, but also a go-to for the most discerning palate. Michigan’s #1 Farmhouse Beer.

ABV: 5.5%
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: $5/16oz, $10/4pk

Rapid IPA | Vivant’s New IPA

This new IPA is full of Amarillo and Cascade hops; they imbue the beer with bold, yet refreshing citrus notes followed up by a tall forest of aromas leading you to a perfectly balanced and brilliantly bitter beer. You’ll find Rapid on draft all year long and will be our flagship IPA going forward! Cheers!

ABV: 7%
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: $10/4pk

Vast Revival | Dry-Hopped Sour

A vibrant sour ale dry hopped with Amarillo and Columbus that pairs the energizing citrus brightness of the former with the rich and earthy dankness of the latter.

ABV: 5%
Availability: To-Go Cans
Price: $6/13.5oz, $16/4pk

The New Now | Double IPA

A clean and vibrant beer, boldly dry hopped with Mosaic, Idaho 7 and Cryo Simcoe hops. These hops play together nicely and showcase a modern American profile that comes with a complex punch.

ABV: 8%
Availability: To-Go Cans
Price: 6/10oz, 15.99/4pk

Pothole Stout | Coffee Stout

We’ve teamed up with Sparrows Coffee to make a 7.5% coffee stout to help battle through the cold of Michigan winter. Potholes are unavoidable, but hopefully Pothole Stout can help take some of the sting out. *contains lactose

ABV: 7.5%
Availability: To-Go Cans
Price: $16/4pk

Grand Lager | Lager

Clean. Crisp. Lager. It’s just a really good lager.This is a European lager, no gimmicks. It’s a beer that is beer. It’s a beer for everyone.

ABV: 4.5%
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: $5/16oz, $9/4pk

Public Brew: a collaboration with Public Thread

The best of a Vivant saison, infused with rooibos tea, calendula petals and cocoa nibs.

ABV: 5.5%
Availability: To-Go Cans
Price: $5.50/16oz, $13/4pk

Vis Viva | Mosaic IPA w/ Lactose

Named after a kinetic energy term meaning “living force”.  This IPA is packed full of cryo Mosaic hops and has some added milk sugars (lactose) to imbue a lush mouthfeel and balance some bitterness. This is a pub only small batch, get it fresh!

ABV: 7%
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: $6/13oz, $16/4pk

StrawBarb | Strawberry Rhubarb Sour Ale

We can’t even stand how much we’re enjoying this year’s batch! Perfectly balanced sweet fruity body, w/ a bright and somehow lactic-feeling acidity (no lactose in here). It’s perfect for companion on your porch or after a long day of working out in the sun.

ABV: %
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: 7/13.5oz, $18/4pk

Lost Minds | Sour IPA

It’s been a while since we’ve seen this beer make a splash in the chapel. A perfect blend of an ipa and our sour ale base; you’ll find a refreshing, crisp IPA with some playful character of acidity and a nose full of hops. Come on, take a sip, lose your mind a while.

ABV: 6.3%
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: $6/16oz, $13/4pk

Tropical Saison | Pineapple & Mango Ale

It’s finally here!!! Just like the warm months here in Michigan this beer is long awaited and happily received. It turns everything that makes a hot summer unbearable into the very reasons you’ll pop one of these open! Loads of pineapple and mango inundate your palate and leave you wanting for that next gulp!

ABV: 5.5%
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: $5.50/16oz, $13/4pk

Dark Saison | Rye Saison w/ Tellicherry Peppercorns

This chapel-only delight will accompany any meal on our menu brilliantly! The Loral and Styrian Cardinal hops, plus the new-to-us Belgian derived yeast we’ve got in this brew accentuate a roasted and mildly spiced saison.

ABV: 5.7%
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: 5.5/16oz, $13/4pk

Tree Bucket | Double IPA

It’s back! Heaving hefty hop-loads at your palate through a smooth malt body. Tree Bucket is everything a double IPA should be— sweeping hop aroma, mildly sweet and a bit of a doozy. Enjoy.

ABV: 9.5%
Availability: Draft, To-Go Cans
Price: $6/10oz, $16/4pk

Cine | Amber Lager

We love the cinema! Invite the perfect movie buddy over to enjoy your favorite film and pair this beer with your evening! Or if you’re feeling it, swing by Celebration Studio Park and have them pour you a draft on your next cinematic adventure!

ABV: 4.5%
Availability: Draft
Price: $5.50/16oz

Wizard Burial Ground 2018| Vintage Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad Ale

Brewed once a year, this legendary bourbon barrel aged quad is one of our most sought after beers. Rich malt flavors and aromas of dried fruit meld with bourbon and oak to create real magic. This vintage was a fan favorite, showing off maybe the most balanced batch we’ve ever made!

ABV: 10%
Availability: Draft
Price: $8/10oz

Puncheon Jam | BA Sour Fruit Ale

Our Jam Jar, but special. How? Well we threw some Lactobacillus into a big ol’ puncheon (you know, those big barrels for wine) and we let our beer and the Lacto do their magic together. In every sip, you’ll find why we’re known for our sours– go on, we think you’re gonna dig it! This is only available as an in-house draft pour.

ABV: 5.5%
Availability: Draft
Price: $7/10
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Big Red Coq | Hoppy Farmhouse Red Ale

Deep red with rich caramel malts paired with copious amounts of bold and tropical Citra hops. Malty sweetness balances the hoppy bitterness.

ABV: 6%
Availability: Draft, Crowler
Price: $5 /16 oz