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Plein de Vie

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Wild Fermentation combines the science of brewing with the artistry of blending beer subjected to naturally occurring fermentation agents. Wild yeast cultures influence the flavor profile of each batch as we play homage to the earliest of Belgian brewing traditions. Brewing Plein de Vie is an attempt to control the uncontrollable, predict the unpredictable. Plenty of tasting, some blending, and a whole lot of creativity go into each of our Plein de Vie beers. The Plein de Vie beer is ready to drink today, but could also change over time. Please join us in the experimenting by stretching your palate as we explore alive beer for an alive life!


The "Funk Room" at Brewery Vivant is a special area onsite at the Chapel devoted solely to Plein de Vie. The Plein de Vie consists of wild yeast and bacteria similar to the kinds in the air that you're breathing right now! Brewery Vivant takes that naturally occurring flora and introduces it to our beer. The Plein de Vie wild yeasts produce a-typical/uncommon flavors by today's standards such as barnyard funk or lemon sour. As one ages beer in wood or with wild yeast, flavors develop, layer and mature. The result is a complex beer that has the potential to change with each sip. It also has the potential to change over time if left undisturbed. Thus, the beer tells us when it's ready, instead of the other way around.

Known for its 16-ounce pint cans, Brewery Vivant packages Plein de Vie beers in a 500ml glass bottle. Bottles were chosen because left unfiltered, the wild yeast strains present in the beer have the potential to continue to develop flavors over time. While the beer is released ready to drink immediately, the glass is rated to hold the beer for extended periods of time. Thin walled aluminum cans are really meant as a delivery vessel, not a storing vessel. “Plein de Vie" literally translates from French to ‘full of life’ and these glass bottles should hold the integrity of the beer’s life. These beers can be cellared and will continue to develop and change over time. Please note: cellaring should be done at one's own risk.

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