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December  - February 

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A can and a full glass of Ski Patrol

Belgian Inspired Wit brewed with Cardamom & Orange Peel
6.0% ABV

Whether you’re stuck on the chairlift waiting to get to the top of a black diamond, or you’re soaking in the hot tub after a long day of destroying some moguls, it’s Ski Patrol Wit to the rescue! This crushable slopes-inspired beer complements our Michigan winters with a hazy golden pour and a warming spice on the nose. Pack your long johns and swimsuit. Ski weekend is upon us. Cans are light and easy to pack so you can take them wherever the trail takes you. #BVtravels


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Tasting Notes

Smooth body featuring warming spice of cardamom & orange peel


Home baked granola bars, hot chicken pot pie, or good ol' ski lodge pizza. Fresh Chevre, a saltier Tomme variety or some Comté.

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