Tree Bucket

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Double IPA
9.5% ABV

Big, bold, and balanced, this double IPA is unlike most. We take an artistic Belgian approach to our beer. Our brewers sling some serious Citra hops into the kettle as you might expect, but we overlay that excessive hoppiness with Belgian candi sugar to add dimension to this beer. The result is a siege of hop flavor without the bitterness. Tree Bucket catapults out of the brewery once a year. Hoppy beers are not for cellaring. Find it, drink it, enjoy it now.


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Tasting Notes

Big, bold, and balanced. Lots of Citra hops in the kettle on brew day, along with Belgian candi sugar to add dimension. Lots of hop flavor without the bitterness that shreds your tastebuds.


If you like spicy foods, this beer will add fuel to the fire as the excessive hop charges will intensify the heat. Think adobo tacos, spicy veggie chili, or a pepperoni-jalapeno-pineapple pizza. Really sharp, aged cheddar is delightful. Hooks' 7-year from Wisconsin is a favorite here amonst the pub staff.