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How We're Working With The Community & Local Business Partners


10th Anniversary Beer & Our Community

We’re turning 10! We’re excited to share a petite saison named, “J-aison” (Jay-sahn), brewed with orange peel and Tellicherry black peppercorns. In upholding with our values of giving back to our community — a portion of all proceeds will go to our local public school.



Pay It Forward
Burger Delivery

Every Wednesday we set out to deliver up to 20 burgers to fellow members of our community, living in ICCF housing. Our neighbors across the street at the Inner City Christian Federation pick up those burgers and make sure they get to hungry people who could use a the best burger in town.

Vertical Paradise Farms + Vivant

We’ve teamed up with Vertical Paradise Farms to open up their market and provide 3lbs boxes of mixed Lettuces and mixed Kales for $12 to guests. We take orders online and in house every week, Tuesday through Sunday, guests then pick up their order on Monday.
**Any orders placed on Monday will be available the following Monday**