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Chef’s Dinner Specials

Rabbit Hash

Purple potatoes, mushrooms, radish, carrots, caramelized fennel, pesto cream sauce, pepitas and pickled onions *contains nuts and dairy
$  21

PB & J

Peanut Butter Pie (housemade peanut butter!), Raspberry Merlin Jam, Graham Crust, Peanut Praline, Cinnamon Chantilly, Bread Tuille
$  9


Monk Salad

Golden raisin vinaigrette (house cider), mixed greens, kale, fresh turnips, beets, roasted carrots, pickled fennel, smoked mushrooms, pretzel croutons, Parmesan cheese
$  10

Grilled Bratwurst & Beer

House made Bratwurst, pretzel bun, Undertaker mustard, saur kraut, and a select draft beer* (+$2-$3 for certain beers)
$  10

Braised Beef Sandwich

Porter braised beef, hearty greens, smoked jalapeño aioli, roasted tomato jam, ciabatta bun, pomme frites
$  15

Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich

3 chili glaze, spicy aioli, creamy slaw, bread and butter pickles, brioche bun, pomme frites *contains dairy
$  14

Vivant Burger

6oz bacon & beef blend patty, greens, tomato, b&b pickles, rooster sauce, brioche bun, pomme frites temp option: pink/ no pink +bacon $2 +cheddar $1
$  14

Bean and Veggie Burger *Vegan*

Greens, tomato, b&b pickles, chipotle aioli, house bun, pomme frites +bacon $2 +cheddar $1
$  14

House Cider Braised Pork

Cider braised pork shoulder, ricotta gnocchi, rainbow chard, carrots, parmesan, pork jus, apple cider reduction
$  20

Steak Frites

12-14oz N.Y Strip cooked to temp, with frites and house made steak sauce
$  32

House Made Desserts

House Ice Cream/ Sorbet

Vanilla, Vegan Apple Sorbet
$  5

Mini Donuts

Yeasted donuts, Undertaker chocolate sauce, cinnamon walnuts, creme anglaise, Farmhand poached apples, candied ginger
$  8

Vegan Lemon tart

Meringue, candied lemon peel, sugared blueberries, Jam Jar blueberry sauce
$  8


Undertaker Beef and Onion

Undertaker, skirt steak, onion and potatoes *contains gluten* cup/bowl
$  3/6

Oven Roasted Meatballs

Blend of beef & pork meatballs, peperonata sauce, giardiniera, parmesan cheese, grilled ciabatta
$  12

Pomme Frites

Hand cut potatoes, seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper
$  5

Beer Cheese

4 cheese blend, herbs, Farmhand, Hopfield, and rotating breads
$  9


"Onion"taker, pickled red onions, cheddar curds, coddled egg *contains gluten and meat
$  13

Roasted Bone Marrow

fennel seed crust, pickled vegetable salad, toasted bread
$  16


Big Red Coq butter, parmesan cheese, baguette
$  13

Duck Nachos

Duck confit, brie cream, tomatoes, caramelized onions, chives, cracklin, lemon zest
$  18

Enjoying Your Meal??

Tip the Kitchen

Share some love with the kitchen team! Buy them a round to cool down with and enjoy
$  8

Kid’s Menu

For Children 12 and Under Only

Big Kid Burger

3oz beef/bacon blend, house bun, cheddar, pomme frites
$  7

Kid’s Bean & Veggie Burger

3oz patty, house bun, cheddar, pomme frites
$  7

Fried Chicken

Two pieces fried chicken breast, pomme frites
$  7

Mac n’ Cheese

Noodles in house cheese sauce, pomme frites
$  5

Buttered Noodles

Local butter, parmesan cheese, pomme frites
$  5

** Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions**