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We gather inspiration from the small countryside breweries of Northern France and Southern Belgium. Our daily specials feature ingredients that are fresh and in season. We operate a "scratch kitchen". From soup to nuts, our menu is made in-house and we take pride in the increased quality that this creates. In keeping with the Belgian tradition, beer and food reach another level when thoughtfully paired together. The styles of beer we make have many subtle flavors and nuances that are augmented with many of our food menu offerings. Talk to your server or bartender about what types of things you like and they will find a winning pairing for you.

What do we do? Handcraft the highest quality food and beer we can-- in a sustainable way for our community and earth.

We also run 4-5 brand new, predominantly locally-sourced specials every week starting on Thursday and running until we are out. This is not only a way for us to stay hyper-local, even sourcing from our own garden, but also a way to allow our world-class chefs new, creative outlets every week.  Stay linked in on facebook or instagram to see what specials we are prepping up for this weekend.


Crock O’ Pickles

House pickled vegetables
$ 5


Garlic herb butter, parmesan, baguette
$ 12

Beer Cheese

Nantucket Bakery pretzels
$ 9

Roasted Bone Marrow

Fennel encrusted, baguette
$ 15

Vivant Charcuterie

Chef selected & house created goods, baguette
$ 16

Duck Confit Nachos

Brie cream, tomato concasse, caramelized onion, citrus, duck cracklin' (also available veggie-style)
$ 18

Pub Fare

The Burger

w/frites, 1/2lb house-ground blend, bibb lettuce, tomato (or Spent Grain Quinoa patty) Add on: white cheddar, gruyere or crumbled bleu $1 Add on: pecan-smoked bacon $1 Upon request: bacon-onion marmalade
$ 15

Grain Bowl

Farro, Red Quinoa, Trumpet Mushroom, Seasonal Vegetables, BLiS Sherry Vinegar, Goat Cheese Add: House Bacon - 4 Steak - 8 Duck Breast - 9 Duck Confit - 6
$ 13


Roasted Corn and Fennel Gravy, Coddled Egg, Cheddar Curds, Cilantro, Pickled Jalapeno Add: House Bacon - 4 Steak - 8 Duck Breast - 9 Duck Confit - 6
$ 12

House Sausage

Tomato Basil Chicken Sausage, Summer Vegetable Succotash, Tomato Vinaigrette, Crispy Fried Tomatoes
$ 15

Parisian Gnocchi

Rainbow Carrots, Asparagus, Kale Pesto, Almond Gremolata
$ 14

Great Lakes Fresh Catch

Redskin Potato Salad, Beer Vinegar Aioli, Tapenade Dressed Carrots, Chili Oil
$ MP

Shaved Beef Sandwich

Beer Marinated, Seasonal Kraut, Havarti, Russian Island Dressing
$ 15

Steak N' Frites

Rotating local cuts, house demi sauce
$ MP

Soups & Salads

Yesterday's Soup

It's always better the day after. Ask your server for current selection.
$ 3/6

Monk's Harvest

Greens, Grains, Green Beans, Egg, Pickled Cauliflower, Bacon, Mash Tun Cracker, Pickle-Back Vinaigrette Add Duck Breast - 9 Duck Confit - 6 Steak - 8
$ 11

Belgian Frites

Classic. House Cut. Authentic.
Served with béarnaise-aioli
$6 Truffle | $6 Garlic & Parsley | $5 Pomme Frites

Artisanal Cheese

A selection of cheeses that varies by the season.

We search out the finest cheeses from around the
world to include on our cheese board. From gems sourced
at some of the Midwest's best creameries to famed
cheese producers and affineurs from around the globe.

$5.50 each; or 3 for $16, all 6 for $28

Beer & cheese pairing suggestions upon request.



Dusted in Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar served with Apple Butter, Milk Chocolate, and Salted Caramel dipping sauces
$ 8

Vegan Lemon Bar

Shortbread, Coconut Cream, Raspberry, Compressed Lemon
$ 5

Chocolate Board

Malted Milk Cake, Strawberry Truffles, Frozen White Chocolate and Peanut Mousse Pop
$ 8

House Ice Cream

Spun by our pastry chef... Ask your server for current available flavors
$ 5

For the Kids

YES! We do offer a kid's menu with scratch-made mac-n-cheese, chicken fingers, and hamburgers... and the newest favorite the Big Kids Board (think charcuterie plate). Families welcome here!

We believe that a great business exists because of the support of the local community. Therefore, a business should be an active extension of the community and should strive to find meaningful ways to give back. Here at Brewery Vivant we strive to educate our guests about our food and how food is produced in our community.

Teaming up with Kids' Food Basket has helped us reach out to our community in ways that connect what we do at Brewery Vivant with a larger need outside our walls. For every kids' meal purchased at Brewery Vivant, Kids' Food Basket can provide 5 meals to a local elementary school. Our staff are able to volunteer by assembling and delivering the Sack Suppers and our business is able to sponsor more than 14,000 Sack Suppers for a local elementary school this year.

One in five children is affected by hunger in West Michigan. Kids' Food Basket is a force for attacking childhood hunger, ensuring that lunch is not the last meal of the day for nearly 7,000 kids at thirty eight schools in Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Holland. Sack Suppers are well-rounded evening meals that provide nutrition critical to the development of the brain and body.


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Offerings subject to change

Our beers are brewed in small batches by actual humans. Being small allows us to be agile, responsive, and keep things fresh. While we strive to keep the following list updated, please know we'll likely have some surprises on tap for you when you visit. From barrel aged beers, to hyper experimental beers, to recipe development stages, be sure to talk to your server for things not listed on menus. We're not hiding them, it's just tough to keep prints up-to-date with all the cool exciting things happening at the Chapel. Cheers!

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Farm Hand | Farmhouse Ale | 5.5% ABV

Light body, mildly sweet, slight cloudiness and rustic farmhouse tartness. Nuances in this beer make it great for an entry into the category, but also a go-to for the most discerning palate. Michigan's #1 Farmhouse Beer.

Hop Field Logo

Hop Field | Farmhouse IPA | 7% ABV

A rustic, unfiltered cloudiness and farmhouse yeast allows the bright, fruit-forward hops to shine. Well balanced and refreshing, this farmhouse IPA boasts complexity and comfort all in one. Features a blend of native Michigan-grown hops!

Big Red Coq Logo

Big Red Coq | Hoppy Farmhouse Red Ale| 6%ABV

Deep red with rich caramel malts paired with copious amounts of bold and tropical Citra hops. Malty sweetness balances the hoppy bitterness.

Braille Pale Ale crest

Braille Pale Ale | Pale Ale | 4.5% ABV

Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Site:Lab and with can art from Not Design.  This tasty session ale has Michigan Chinook and Centennial hops that lend soft citrus and pineapple.  Brewed in celebration of Project 1.


Tropical Saison | Saison | 5.5% ABV

Brewed with real pineapple and mango along with fruit-forward Citra Hops, this saison offers both delightful complexity and refreshment.


Tropical Saison | Saison | 5.5% ABV

Brewed with real pineapple and mango along with fruit-forward Citra Hops, this saison offers both delightful complexity and refreshment.

Cherry Saison 19

Cherry Saison | Saison with Cherry | 5.5% ABV

Honoring the bounty of Michigan fruit county, this saison is brewed with a bold addition of Michigan Montmorency cherries.  Known for their tartness, they complement this light boded saison perfectly.


Secret Saison | Saison ale | 5.3% ABV

We made this ale with unmalted wheat, oats, and Vic Secret hops.  A soft and bright take on a modern saison with subtle pineapple, juniper, and citrus notes.


Vivant Wit | Wheat Ale | 4.1% ABV

A traditional ale brewed with coriander and orange powder.  Light and crushable, but still flavorful.


The Fountain Streeter | Saison Ale | 5.4 ABV

This farmhouse rye saison is brewed with orange peel for a subtle spiciness and big citrus notes.


Harvest Raspberry Peach | Blended Farmhouse Ale | 4.8% ABV

We blended fresh saison beer with wood aged sour ale to create a slightly acidic base and then added in raspberries and Michigan peach juice to give this ruby hued ale a big fruit component.


Pumpkin Tart | Blended Farmhouse Ale with Real Pumpkin | 8.0% ABV

Ready or not it's time for pumpkin beer.  Don't worry, our version is a bit of a stray from the norm.  Made by blending BA Sour Farmhouse Ales with an ale packed with gourd goodness.

zaisoncrest2018 copy 2

Zaison | Imperial Saison | 10.5 ABV

A bold take on the saison style, we make this dangerously drinkable ale with orange peel and black peppercorn.  It blends soft spice and ester components with bright citrus and plenty of powerful farmhouse goodness. 


Coconut Love Shadow | BA Imperial Stout with Coconut | 12.1% ABV

The base of this epic beer is our bourbon barrel aged stout "Love Shadow".  Then we added hundreds of pounds of coconut that we toasted in our very own kitchen.  It's a wow beer in every way with big flavors of chocolate, vanilla, oak, and of course coconut.   Art by Hannah Kennedy


Cherry Angelina | BA Fruited Sour | 8.5%ABV

Starting with a base of our GABF award-winning sour ale, Angelina, we then added in Michigan Montmorency and Balaton Cherries.  The result is a fruit foward sour with bright tart cherry flavor.

House Sour Logo

House Sour | Foeder-Aged Sour Ale | 4.5%ABV

Our house session sour. Approachable and nuanced, this light bodied sour shows off our house cultures blending acidity with a touch of funkiness. Great entry point for those looking to explore the world of wild ales. Great session sour for those looking for complexity and nuance.

CultPilscrest 1

Broad Leaf Cult Pils | Pilsner | 5.0% ABV

PILS...it's crushable, it's easy-drinking, it's just flavorful enough as to not be boring. Brewed with traditional, Noble, Saaz hops for a crisp finish.


Broad Leaf Beamed Deep Circus| Porter | 5.0% ABV

A robust porter to satisfy all of your dark malt desires.  Soft cocoa aromas and a lengthy finish.


Broad Leaf Beamed Propulsion| IPL | 6.0% ABV

A unique blend of cryo Loral, cryo Columbus, and cryo Mosaic hops lend a lush depth to the aroma of this lager.

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Rotating Wood-Aged Beers

Aging beer in a wooden vessel is an art form-- to draw out the flavors of liquids past (bourbon, red wine, etc) and manage the funky flavors wild yeast may present. We always try to dedicate a few draft lines to our wood-aged offerings. They tend to change frequently so drink it while you can!

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Experimental & Other offerings

Don't forget to check the board when you arrive-- experimental beers are on rotation. Ask your server for the latest pilot-batch brew. In addition to our farmhouse beers, we do offer a selection of Michigan ciders, Michigan wines and bubbly, as well as a draft Wisconsin Root Beer and local Hop Soda. Also: tap water.

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