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We are open again to the public, serving a limited lunch and dinner menu.

Our Lunch menu will be served 12-5 pm daily; adding on the Dinner menu  from 5-10 pm

While our menu might be smaller during this transition phase, you’ll still find the deep connection to the culture of food and beer we’ve cultivated here for the past 10 years in the flavors our kitchen has crafted for you.

|L+D| - Served during both Lunch + Dinner

**Scroll down for our complete list of available beers**

Food Menu

Vivant Burger |L + D|

6oz blend of beef & bacon, greens, tomato, b&b pickles, rooster sauce, house bun, pomme frites +bacon $2 +cheddar $1
$ 14

Fried Chicken Sandwich |L+D|

Spicy pimento cheese, napa cabbage slaw, b&b pickles, Field&Fire bun, pomme frites
$ 14

Bean and Veggie Burger *Vegan* |L+D|

Greens, tomato, b&b pickles, chipotle aioli, house bun, pomme frites +bacon $2 +cheddar $1
$ 14

Monk Salad |L+D|

Mixed lettuce, cornbread croutons, carrots, red onion, tomato, marinated cheese curds, cucumber, Farmosa vinaigrette
$ 10

Sausage & Grits |dinner|

House smoked andouille, cheddar grits, radish, greens, beer mustard, sweet chili sauce
$ 17

Mushroom & Veggie Hash *Vegan*|Dinner|

roasted redskins, mushroom, broccoli, cauliflower, beets, toasted pepitas, herb & onion sauce
$ 14

Risotto *Vegan Option Available* |Dinner|

Broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, rotating summer veggies, parmesan
$ 15

Apps + Desserts

Duck Nachos |L+D|

Duck confit, Brie cream, caramelized onions, chives, cracklin, lemon zest
$ 18

Pomme Frites |L+D|

Hand cut potatoes, seasoned perfectly with salt and pepper
$ 5

Escargot |dinner|

Wizard Burial Ground butter, Parmesan cheese, baguette
$ 13

Roasted Bone Marrow|Dinner|

Fennel seed crust, pickled vegetable salad, baguette
$ 16

Beer Cheese |L+D|

*Served cold* 4 cheese blend, herbs, Farmhand, Hopfield, and rotating breads
$ 9

S’mores Trifle |L+D|

Chocolate cake, vanilla cremeux, chocolate sauce, house made graham crackers & marshmallow
$ 8

Cherry Pie |L+D|

Served with vanilla ice cream and cherry streusel
$ 8

Kid’s Menu

Big Kid Burger |L+D|

3oz beef/bacon blend, house bun, cheddar, pomme frites
$ 7

Kid’s Bean & Veggie Burger |L+D|

3oz patty, house bun, cheddar, pomme frites
$ 7

Mac n’ Cheese |dinner|

Noodles in house cheese sauce, pomme frites
$ 5

Buttered Noodles |dinner|

Local butter, parmesan cheese, pomme frites
$ 5

Beer Menu

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Our beers are brewed in small batches by actual humans. Being small allows us to be agile, responsive, and keep things fresh.

Our menu reflects all available drafts, cans, and bottles in house.

Click here for a full list of all our beers we've made.

Triomphe|Belgian Inspired IPA|6%ABV|Draft Only

Once our main stay IPA- this beer is back with the crisp hop character that made this a favorite here in the chapel and through out Michigan. It won’t be around for long, so make sure to come by and get yourself this Vivant classic!

Cine|Amber Lager| 4.5% ABV|Draft/Cans

We love the cinema! Invite this perfect movie buddy over to enjoy your favorite movie! Better yet, swing by Celebration Studio Park for the outdoor movie series and enjoy our beer with them!

Rye Porter | Porter| 5.3% ABV Cans/Draft

Don’t forget to redeem your palate with this exceptional dark beer!! Malt flavors and a subtle rye spice make this a must have!

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Farm Hand | Farmhouse Ale | 5.5% ABV|Draft/Cans

Light body, mildly sweet, slight cloudiness and rustic farmhouse tartness. Nuances in this beer make it great for an entry into the category, but also a go-to for the most discerning palate. Michigan’s #1 Farmhouse Beer.

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Hop Field | Farmhouse IPA | 7% ABV|Draft Only

A rustic, unfiltered cloudiness and farmhouse yeast allows the bright, fruit-forward hops to shine. Well balanced and refreshing, this farmhouse IPA boasts complexity and comfort all in one. Features a blend of native Michigan-grown hops!

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Big Red Coq | Hoppy Farmhouse Red Ale| 6%ABV|Draft/Cans

Deep red with rich caramel malts paired with copious amounts of bold and tropical Citra hops. Malty sweetness balances the hoppy bitterness.

Grand Lager | Lager | 4.5% ABV|Draft/Cans

Clean. Crisp. Lager. It’s just a really good lager.
This is a European lager, no gimmicks. It’s a beer that is beer. It’s a beer for everyone.

Cherry Apricot|Cherry Apricot Sour Blended Ale|6%ABV|Draft/Cans

Tart Michigan cherries and lush apricot fill this bright and refreshing farmhouse ale, blended with a wood aged sour ale. The final result is an outstanding flavor profile, certain to brighten your day!

Farmer’s Hat|New England IPA|6%ABV|Draft/Cans

This New England style IPA brewed w/ Citra, Amarillo and Huell Melon hops promises a lush mouthful of grassy, bright hops worthy of a hard day’s thirst.

Beach Patrol|Summer Wheat Ale w/ Lime & Sea Salt|6% ABV|Draft Only

Refreshing, zesty and light. This is your companion to Michigan summer days and nights, pool days, backyard grilling, lake trips, boat rides, and everything we love to do in the Sun!

Tropical Saison| Pineapple & Mango Ale| 5.5% ABV|Draft/Cans

It’s back!!! Just like the warm months here in Michigan this beer is long awaited and happily received. It turns everything that makes a hot summer unbearable into the very reasons you’ll pop one of these open! Loads of pineapple and mango crush your palate and leave you ready for the next gulp!

Contemplation |MI Honey Ale| 7% ABV|Happy Hour Draft

Buzz! Buzz! Spring is almost here and that means it’s time for our annual tribute to the warming season. This Belgian-style golden ale is brewed w/ Michigan honey — perfectly capturing the sweetness that comes with our idyllic season.

JBZ |Dry Hopped Lager| 4.5% ABV| Draft Only

Our partnership with John Ball Zoo here in Grand Rapids, is focused around the conservation/ sustainability efforts that both our companies prioritize in our missions. Crisp, bitter, grassy. The Chinook hops pour out of this lager and bring about some wild feelings

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Tree Bucket|Double IPA|9% ABV| Draft Only

It’s back! Heaving hefty hop-loads at your palate through a smooth malt body. Tree Bucket is everything a double IPA should be— sweeping hop aroma, mildly sweet and a bit of a doozy. Enjoy.

Paradise Mutation |Paradise Mutation| 7.2% ABV|Happy Hour Draft

Bold hop aromas combined with zippy tartness creat flavors full of ripe and juicy citrust – lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange.

Hazy J | Hazy IPA | 5.2% ABV|Draft Only

A ripe and refreshing take on a hazy and juicy IPA; packed full of Citra, Mosaic, and Eleanor hops. Big aromas of tropical fruit and a lush mouthfeel.

Hazier J | Hazy IPA *contains lactose*| 7.2% ABV|Draft Only

Even Hazier! This version of our juicy IPA is hopped with Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo. Lush, Tropical, Vibrant! – contains lactose –

ALL TOGETHER| Taiheke/Mosaic IPA| 6.5% ABV|Cans Only

A worldwide collaboration brewed to support hospitality professionals during this crazy time. Hosted by Other Half Brewing; our take on this project promises a crisp, bitter, complex, yet inviting experience! Remember, we’re all in this together.

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Experimental & Other offerings

Don't forget to check the board when you arrive-- experimental beers are on rotation. Ask your server for the latest pilot-batch brew. In addition to our farmhouse beers, we do offer a selection of Michigan ciders, Michigan wines and bubbly, as well as a draft Wisconsin Root Beer and local Hop Soda. Also: tap water.

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Rotating Wood-Aged Beers

Aging beer in a wooden vessel is an art form-- to draw out the flavors of liquids past (bourbon, red wine, etc) and manage the funky flavors wild yeast may present. We always try to dedicate a few draft lines to our wood-aged offerings. They tend to change frequently so drink it while you can!